Sclerocorneal Tunnel Construction Course


The course leverages the power of HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator for training in surgical skills for tunnel construction. It is a structured training course that provides a rich learning experience in an environment that leverages on simulation-based training as the principal instructions activity.

The course utilizes a range of instructional activities that are designed and planned to meet specific objectives as each stage of learning. Our standard MSICS tunnel construction procedures have been carefully designed keeping in mind several considerations, including ease of learning and patient safety.

Course Previews

Course Objectives

1. Making a Scleral Groove

2. Making the Paracentesis

3. Performing Visco-aqueous Exchange

4. Dissecting a central tunnel with lateral extensions

5. Making a keratome entry and extending the lateral boundaries

Features & Benefits

STCC will benefit those interested in building competence or improving their existing skills in tunnel construction surgical tasks. Ideally suited for:

  • Ophthalmology residents or fellows
  • Practicing Ophthalmologist who want to learn MSICS
  • Surgeons looking to improve tunnel construction skills

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