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Training Program Features

A variety of instructional methods have been incorporated into our training to maximize the overall effectiveness of HelpMeSee’s courses. These include:


The HelpMeSee MSICS eBook is a detailed instructional guide on performing the Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) procedure. It was designed and developed as a primary reference for those who will undergo the rigorous simulator-based training program to become cataract specialists. The book is written with an approach to make complex subject matter easy to understand for those who come in with little or no prior knowledge on MSICS.

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom intentionally shifts instruction to a learner-centered model in which time in the classroom is used to explore topics in greater depth and create meaningful learning opportunities introducing students to new topics outside of the classroom. HelpMeSee flipped classroom sessions focus on knowledge gained through pre-reading of e-Book assignments and instructor-led facilitation designed to maximize trainee engagement to maximize comprehension of the topic.

Dry Lab

The focus of the dry lab is to demonstrate real surgical instruments to students and to familiarize them with the basic concepts of the techniques they are expected to practice when on the Simulator.

Simulator Training

Using pre-configured step-by-step scenarios, trainees cover the basic to the most advanced MSICS surgical tasks on the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator. From this simulated practice, students acquire the knowledge, psychomotor performance and decision-making skills required to perform the MSICS procedure.

Around 60-70 percent of class time is committed to Simulator training under this program.

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