Ocular Incisions and Dissections Course


The cutting-edge technology of the HelpMeSee simulator replicates the mechanics of surgical interaction; angles forces, friction, flow and resistance with realistic cause and effect.

High fidelity virtual reality simulation with haptic feedback, built atop physics models of surgical instrument and eye tissue interactions, has the ability to elucidate the mechanics of ophthalmic surgery. Participants will understand how ocular tissues respond to interactions with instruments when cutting, stabbing, and injecting.

Ocular incision and disssection skills are essential in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS), conversion to scleral tunnel in complicated clear cornea phacoemulsification cases, secondary IOL implantation and trabeculectomy.

During the Ocular Incisions and Dissections Course (OIDC), your instructor will use simulator generated graphic overlays and real time feedback to analyze your surgical skills and improve your understanding and performance.

The course will be taught to you through facilitated discussion while sitting at the simulator.

Course Previews

Course Objectives

1. Controling Partial Thickness Scleral Incisions

2. Controling Ocular Dissections

3. Controling Corneal Incisions

4. Controling Visco-aqueous Exchange

5. Using Visual and Tactile Surgical Cues

Features & Benefits

The HelpMeSee simulator has a unique environment in which to learn and practice that is absolutely safe. Our Ocular Incisions and Dissections Course provides the opportunity to identify, think through and practice strategies for improvement.

The HelpMeSee Simulator provides:

  • The ability to see the results of your efforts and correct in real time.
  • Visuals and a realistic feel which simulate live eye surgery.
  • Exposure of the mechanics of surgical techniques in order to improve outcomes.
  • Feedback using objective performance reports in order for review with your instructor.

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