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MSICS is a viable technique that meets the growing need for cataract treatment in austere communities. The procedure is safe, cost effective and suitable for the removal of all cataracts including mature, and hardened cataracts, the type we see most in underserved populations.

The idea is that MSICS is not actually one technique but several based on presenting pathology. MSICS is an appropriate procedure for advanced pathology or for austere situations.

Adoption of MSICS provides:

  • Best fit for surgery in low resource settings
  • Improved safety and rapid improvement in vision
  • High-volume treatment that can clear the cataract surgery backlog

Course Previews

Course Objectives

The eBook Self-Study Guide

Comprised of 9 parts, this comprehensive training covers:

1. Preparing the Team, Patients and Facilities

2. Fundamentals of MSICS: Tunnel Construction and Creating the Scleral Grove

3. Anatomy of Cataracts and Removal

4. Modification Techniques

5. Intraocular Lens

6. Complications Associated with Removal

7. Ocular Healing and Postoperative Care

8. Quality Assurance

9. Building an MSICS Practice

Features & Benefits

eBook-based Learning

Chapters in the eBook are interspersed with rich media that includes photos, illustrations, 3D graphics, surgical videos and conceptual animations. These elements are contextual and graphically reinforce the learner’s understanding of a fact or procedure.

MSICS eBook provides:

  • Developed Skills and Techniques
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Talking Videos
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Self-Assessment

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