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Eye Surgery Simulator

The HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator establishes a new standard in virtual reality surgical simulation with quality 3D visuals, an ability to provide haptic feedback for the very low forces experienced in ophthalmic microsurgery, and a feature-rich training system.

The Simulator replicates the mechanics of surgical interaction: angles, forces, friction, flow and resistance with realistic cause and effect. High-fidelity, virtual reality simulation with tactile feedback elucidates the mechanics of ophthalmic surgery. Currently programmed with the tunnel incision step of the MSICS procedure, the Simulator’s Simulation-Based Learning System (SBLS) creates an unparalleled learning experience.

The Simulator recreates the environment of real ophthalmic surgery with these components and features:

  • A microscope that displays the virtual eye and surgical simulation in 3D
  • A height-adjustable main body
  • A mannequin patient head with eye sockets
  • A touch screen interface display monitor
  • An HDMI output to view microscope visuals on an external display
  • Universal design physical surgical instrument handles
  • Depth-of-field tactile feedback capability
  • Six depth-of-field movement tracking devices.

Visuals and instructional aids on the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator include:

  • High-quality 3D visuals that include cues to assist with microsurgical tasks
  • Real-time alerts indicating when the student has made an error
  • Training tools and guides used during the initial phases as aids

The Simulation-based Learning System (SBLS), the software-based learning management portion of the Simulator features:

  • Pre-configured training scenarios to support the accomplishment of specific learning objectives resulting in standardized training and performance outcomes and metrics.
  • The master control of training tools, tips and guidelines that allow the instructor to optimize the trainee’s learning experience.
  • The ability to monitor and record practice sessions for review, formative assessment and summative evaluation.
  • A tool with the ability to flag simulation attempts and to set cue points on the video to allow users to quickly navigate to events of interest during performance review and debriefing.
  • Software to set performance benchmarks to support multiple objective metrics to achieve consistent performance at the expected standard upon completion.

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